Tuesday, December 20, 2011

David Will Serve A Mission Too

My kids know that I truly enjoy the Christmas music of David Archuletta. I have been deeply touched by the way he worships the Lord through his Christmas songs. I have his Christmas CD in my car and I listen to it all throughout Christmas. Just last night while I was on the treadmill, I watched his performance from last year's Christmas concert when he was the guest artist with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for their annual Christmas concert. I have that on DVD. He is amazing. Elisa sent me this link this morning:

Davis has chosen to serve a full time mission for the church. He was so overcome by the announcement that I couldn't help but cry myself. I suppose many will wonder how he could give up a lucrative singing career for two years to volunteer his services as a missionary. Those of us who have served and those of us who have sons serving know the answer to that...what an opportunity for joy, meaning, and purpose for him.

The title of my book which I have not mentioned on this blog actually came because of the first time I heard David sing Silent Night on his CD. I was so overcome, I knew in that moment that I would write a book. When he sang the line, "The Dawn of Redeeming Grace," I experienced a flood of feelings regarding the meaning of those words. That is the name of my book,
The Dawn of Redeeming Grace
 It is a book about the purpose of Christ's mission for us and the blessing of His redeeming grace in our lives.

Thanks David, the world needs good missionaries. We're all behind you.



  1. Kyle got his wisdom teeth out yesterday in preparation for his mission. When he heard about David Archuleta he said, "Maybe we'll be companiond!" Awesome