Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Twas The Sunday Before Christmas

"Twas the Sunday before Christmas and all through my house,
I look all around and gratefully... I see no mouse."

I saw a few in a house we used to live in and let's just say, a mouse is not something I like to see ever. I have seen a few mice "not stirring" on occasion but that's because they got into the Decon mouse bait I left for them. Not a pleasant sight.

Back to my poem. It is the Sunday before Christmas and it does appear that I am getting closer to being ready. I doubt I will send Christmas cards out this year. Some years I just don't make it. I am a little bit discombobulated this year. That happens too sometimes. Emma and Wade will not be with us. They will be visiting Wade's Mom and this Christmas will be Emma's first Christmas where she is really gone. Ian is of course in Brazil but my other three children will be around thankfully and Nathan will be here for at least a week I think. Yeah for grandchildren.

I enjoyed church services today. It was my turn to teach Relief Society. I enjoy teaching but perhaps I enjoy the learning that takes place in order to get ready for the teaching most of all. They say the teacher always learns more than anyone because of the preparation.

Last night Jim, Elisa and I went to the annual Christmas concert at the Conference Center on Temple Square. We had wonderful seats and as always, enjoyed ourselves very much. Nathan Gunn was the guest performer as well as actress Jane Seymour as the narrator. Both were very good.

The Primary children sang in Sacrament Meeting today. They sang three children's Christmas songs. One boy, four year old Grant, only sang a word or two of each song and then just decided to talk loudly a lot of the rest of the time. He wanted to wave to his parents, hold up his play dough that his friend Summer gave him to show everybody and in the middle of one song, point to Seth and say, "He came to our house, remember?" Seth was laughing quite hysterically so I had to tell Seth not to look at Grant and to stop laughing as not to engage him any further. At one point in the middle of one song, Grant pointed to the wood at the front of the chapel where he was standing and very loudly told Summer, "This is MY church." He declared it very boldly. Never mind that they were supposed to be singing. This was a child who wanted others to know that he understood that this was a special place and it was "his."

I feel the same way. It's MY church too. It's a place I like to go to. I learn a lot when I am there. I feel peace when I am there and my heart is renewed when I am there. All too soon Sunday services are over and we go home again. We then have another week to think about what we learned this week. Hopefully it is enough to carry us through the demands of life.

Today I was reminded that Christmas is about the gift of Christ to the world. I was reminded that it should be a very joyful time because it is a celebration. I was also reminded by a child that "MY church" is a special place to be on Sundays.

Happy Sunday. :)

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