Thursday, December 29, 2011


Jim and I have had the great privilege of visiting the widows in our ward. He is the Bishop of our ward and feels in his heart that visiting them over Christmas is a good thing to do. We started early in December and we're still at it. We've seen most of them. I think we still have two more to visit yet. They have been good visits. All of the homes are different, some big, some small, some elaborate and some very simple. In all of them we notice the same thing, a woman who is grateful that her Bishop came to stop by and remember her, a woman who is alone because she has lost her husband. Some of them have shared memories of their husbands, others simply just enjoyed visiting about other things. All of them have expressed gratitude at being remembered and cared about. This afternoon we visited a woman who obviously misses her husband very much. She told us to enjoy each other now and to never take it for granted because one day one of us will be gone. She was a lovely woman and she so appreciated the kind gesture made by my husband.

Tonight we need to go to a funeral home to pay respects to the man in our ward who passed away last week. His wife is the newest widow in our ward. I think we have visited her four times since last week. The funeral is tomorrow and Jim will conduct it. Funerals are always a tender time and this one will be especially tender.

I saw a video this afternoon that is thoughtfully done. It expresses just what we have been thinking as we have made these visits.

This afternoon I stopped by the cemetery. Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 81. My Mom who is on a mission in DC asked that I place something on his grave. I did it more for my Mom as a gesture of love she wanted to express for my Dad. I went to Walgreens and saw a little angel statue that looked just right. As I was checking out I looked around just in case there was something else. I spotted a very small bag of Kookaburra black licorice. I smiled. I always brought my Dad black licorice when I visited him in the nursing home. It was his favorite and he always looked forward to it. All over the cemetery I saw Christmas wreaths and Christmas decorations and little trees. These were expressions of love by family members I suspect. I placed the little angel on my Dad's grave for my Mom, a widow, and took my small bag of licorice and opened it and ate three pieces. Then I sealed up the bag and placed it next to the angel. It's the only bag of licorice in the cemetery. I know my Dad is gone and I know he can't eat it and the animals will get it or the cemetery workers will throw it away. But for a moment, I thought it was the nicest gesture of love and respect I could give.

Semper Fi Dad.
Love, Liz

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