Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Dragon And A Fairy Princess

The same costume his Dad wore as a child.
(Nice work Grandma Connie). :)
Sarah made this one.
Arwin from Lord of the Rings
Can she be any cuter?
Sarah brought the kids to 
"Trick or Treat" at Jim's office this afternoon.
It was a great success.
Jim's good friend Doug's office.
If there was an orange pumpkin taped on the office cubicle
Just delightful.
That's a happy grandpa.
And check out the view from his office window!!!!

(And the picture on his desk). :)

Happy Halloween!
 Last stop of the day...
Grandma's house...
the best place of all!!


  1. Thanks so much for making this post and sending the email about it! I am in San Antonio for a quick trip and was able to show these to my parents! Looks like lots of fun! Jocelyn said Hannah loves the sleeves on her Arwin costume!!

  2. They are both just so stinkin' cute!