Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Words Of Wisdom, Words Of Truth

This is how Seth ended his email home this week:

"I know that God lives. 
I know that miracles happen. 
I know that He is infinitely forgiving"

I  really like the simplicity of those words. That is what he is teaching.

He also said: "Our mission president started something called the month of consecration for June. In this month we give up all our disobedience and work harder than ever. I am excited. I want to focus on losing myself in the people I work with. To make everything I do be for the benefit of someone else"

I am grateful to have a son who thinks of others and wants to work so hard for their benefit. He's been gone a year. I sure hope he sends some pictures one of these days. He doesn't send them often and I miss his face.

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