Sunday, January 11, 2015

Time For A Release

It is commonly said, 
"With every call, comes a release."
My good husband was released as bishop of our ward today. He's served faithfully for five years and four months. A bishop generally serves for about five years, and then a new bishop is called by God through inspiration and set apart as His servant  to care for a congregation.

It's been a long five years, but it has been filled with opportunities to share love and do good for others. The Lord cares deeply for all of us, and one of the ways He shows that love is through the service of a kind bishop.

A new bishop was sustained and set apart in our ward today, and although he's nervous, he'll do just fine. He loves the Lord and trusts that he has been called by Him to serve with all his heart and soul.

I have watched my husband serve in many quiet ways these past few years that I am humbled by his devotion to God as he has served so long and so well. He has never been paid for his service. Mormon bishops are lay bishops. Jim works a full time job usually putting in 11 hour days during the week with several hours on a Saturday. Most of the rest of the time has been in some kind of service to our ward as bishop.
I've been grateful to serve in my own ways. Most of that has come from supporting him and not complaining when he's been gone so much of the time. God is very kind to the bishop's wife. I have continually felt His love for me. We've visited many people over the years and have tried to share our love with everyone. We have felt their love in return, and we are grateful. 

Jim packed up his office and had one last box to bring home today.
The look of relaxation on his face tells it all.
It was wonderful to have our family 
there today to support Jim. 
Our children mean the world to us.
We missed Seth and Emma in this picture.

It's now a time of rest and transition. It's a time to set some new goals and figure out where to go from here. It's a time to quietly serve in other ways. No matter what we do or where we go, I will always be grateful for my very good husband.
I love him.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
Matthew 25:21

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Moment In Time

Today I met the man who was instrumental in my conversion 36 years ago. I even wrote about him in the first chapter of my book Conversion. He never knew it. I only knew him from afar. The exchange was tender and sweet. He thanked me for telling him. I thanked him for the blessing he was in my life. 36 years is a long time, yet God orchestrated this moment for the both of us. Once again, I am humbled and grateful. God is real. He seeks to bless us, and when He does and we know it was He who did it, it is called a "tender mercy."

                                   "they bowed themselves down...
                         and did humble themselves before the Lord,
                             and did shed tears of joy before the Lord,
                                         because of the multitude
                                  of his tender mercies over them."
                                                     Ether 6:12
                                          (The Book of Mormon)