Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prince Of Peace

I wrote the following poem many years ago. I will reference it tomorrow in a talk I need to give in a church meeting. I thought I would publish it here on my blog in case it might be of benefit to someone else.

Prince of Peace

My heart began to fail
As the fear began to grip me.
I saw the waves,
Enormous waves
Crushing my spirit.

In the distance
I see my Savior.
He beckons me
With outstretched arms.
“Come unto me” He calls.
I’d forgotten.
Keep your eyes fixed on mine,
For I am here.

O heart, be strong.
Eyes, you know your task.
Look not away.
Be not distracted
By the storm—
The storm of doubt and fear.

Remember His words
To another long ago:
“O thou of little faith,
Wherefore didst thou doubt?”

My eyes—now fixed—
Will never leave the eyes of the Master
Of the sea and sky.
He has surrounded me with His peace
And the storm has ceased.

©Elizabeth Anne Freeman
January 15, 2000

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Dinner

Since most of our children are older and/or married with their own families, we've established a family dinner gathering as a way of trying to keep our family together. We chose the third Sunday of the month for our family dinner. We decided that we would put it on the calendar, and if people could come that day it would be great. We also decided that if no one could come, we would still have family dinner together anyway. Yesterday we had a lovely family gathering. It was also Jessa's birthday, so all the better.
Happy Birthday Jessa!
We LOVE her!
Great cupcakes Sarah.
It was the first time baby James
came to Grandma's house.
Me with my two grandsons.
I love this SO much.
Nathan is quite taken with his cousin.
He's a typical 4 year old in every way.
Hannah liked having her picture taken.
And she liked the chocolate cupcakes.
Male bonding
and female bonding.
It was just a lovely time,
and I love my family.

It was also Valentine's Day weekend.
Jim gave me BEAUTIFUL roses
that he let me pick out with him.
That was a lot of fun
and a great memory.
He also gave me a beautiful
silver and pearl bracelet.

He's a good guy.
I really like him.

What a nice weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2015

A Gift

I am finally getting around to posting about our recent trip to San Diego. Jim and I feel very much that it was a gift from the Lord. I felt impressed last February to book a trip there for this winter. We decided to go for two weeks to see if the sun and warm temperatures would do me good. They surely did. The most amazing part about it was that Jim was released from being a bishop on a Sunday, and we left for our trip three days later. We don't think that is a coincidence. We both feel as though it was a tender mercy from the Lord. Jim spent a great deal of time the first week sleeping hard. He took really long naps in the afternoons, about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hour naps. There were no ringing phones and no pressing meetings he had to go to, so his brain was really able to let go of long-held stress. He didn't have to worry about me because I was just happy to sit in the sun anywhere, and we enjoyed an abundance of sun while we were there. I felt wonderful. We were overwhelmed with the blessing on a daily basis and frequently expressed gratitude in our prayers. By the second week Jim was considerably rested, and I saw him return to the old Jim I've always known. His worried brow settled down, and he slept less. We both felt as though the accumulated stress had thankfully passed.

There are a lot of pictures I want to remember from this trip, so I will just post all of them in no particular order.  
Coronado beach on a beautiful day.
Just look at this happy, rested face.
The Point Loma lighthouse.
I LOVE this picture.
The view from our condo.
Another shot of the Coronado beach.
A view from the whale watching 
boat we went on.
It was great.
Jim's former first counselor, 
Milt, and his wife joined us.
Those were two happy men.
I loved to see Jim so relaxed.
Coronado beach again.
I sure loved that beach.
I did this a lot.
Because the beach was so great!
And I LOVE the beach!
It's my happy place.
Another view to remember.
And this one.
We visited Balboa Park while we were there.
They had beautiful orchids
in the botanical building.
We had to visit Little Italy as a must-see.
 We went to the San Diego temple three times.
Words can't describe how beautiful it is.
And then there were the sunsets.
AMAZING sunsets.
From the chair I sat in 
in our condo.
Nightly grandeur.
Unspeakable beauty.
More evidence of God's tender mercies.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blessing Day For Baby James

Today was blessing day for baby James. He is such a beautiful baby, and he has a very sweet disposition. I took this picture, and I absolutely love the way it came out.
According to traditional Mormon naming and blessing 
of babies, James was blessed by his father, Ian.
James comes from a long 
line of James' on my husband's side.
 It is wonderful that he is named 
to carry on the tradition.
It's always hard to get everyone
smiling at the same time.
Jim, me, James, Jessa, and Ian.
James is our third grandchild.
We feel very blessed.
Jessa is a wonderful mother.
We already love James so much.

Here are a few more pictures
 from the gathering after the blessing:
 We took lots of pictures.
I love this of me and my girls.
Emma, Elisa, and Sarah.
My Mom is in this one too.
Love this.
Elisa has a thing for photo bombing.
My Mom and James.
Jim telling stories.
Our two sons-in-law,
Gregory and Wade.
 James and his great, great Aunt Jean.
Hannah and my Mom.
She sure is cute.
Nathan and Gregory.
 He sure is growing.
Wade, Emma, and Nathan.
It was just a great, great day.